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Super Visa Consultants Canada

Super Visa Consultants Canada are experts on super visas and they will help you to get a super visa fast. Canada’s Immigration policies facilitates Family Reunification. Super Visa is one of the Family Class sponsorship program which allows your parents and grandparents including their spouses to visit you in Canada on temporary resident visa. This visa allows your parents and grandparents to visit and stay with you in Canada for a maximum period of 2 years. 

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Super Visa Eligibility

Processing of super visa is very similar to the Visitor Visa Application. Eligibility of the program depends on lots of factors but here are some basic mandatory conditions which must be met to ensure that visa would be processed. 

  • Purchase minimum medical Insurance of CAD $100,000 for a period of 12 months for the applicant from a Canadian Insurance provider.
  • Submission of declaration stating the sponsoring child will provide financial security and proof of meeting the minimum income requirement for the last tax year
  • Complete Immigration Medical Exam
  • Show enough ties to the home country
  • Must satisfy the visa officer that you would be a genuine visitor and will leave Canada upon the expiry of your authorized stay in Canada.
  • Invitation Letter from Sponsoring child or grandchild.


Additional documents based on your home country can be requested. 

Super visa is for both countries requiring visa and visa exempt countries. 

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Our team members are authorized RCIC members and can guide you thoroughly through each step of your Immigration application. Detailed knowledge and guidance is a key to a successful positive case.