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Canada has a special Immigration program.

Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nomination Program are province based Immigration programs, also known as PNP.

Study Visa

Today Canada is known among the top countries

Quebec Skilled Worker

Under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration, Province of Quebec selects it’s own Immigration candidates under it’s special Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Caregiver Program

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Super Visa

Canada’s Immigration policies facilitates Family Reunification.

Work Permit

Canada has number of categories for providing permit to workers

Temporary Resident Visa

Canada provides Temporary Resident Visa to immigrants

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We have been counselling students for educational opportunities in Foreign countries.The priceless consultancy which you would receive from SeaLink Immigration, would be derived from a registered Canadian RCIC Immigration with IRCC department of Canada.

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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

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This is one of the most generally asked question in Canadian Immigration practices. There are numerous available programs on both Federal and Provincial levels for qualified applicants. 

You can Immigrate as a skilled worker, semi-skilled worker under economy classes. 

You can Immigrate as a Family members of Canadian Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen under Family Class. 

Contact SeaLink Immigration for Free Assessment to see under which program you can qualify for Canadian Immigration.

Many International Students have confusion while choosing their educational program for Canadian Study Permit application and the best answer is that it depends on your educational/professional background. Fill out our Free Assessment, our trained RCIC members provide education counselling and can help you guide thoroughly to choose the right academic program for your career. 

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is non-renewal document and if you need it beyond it’s expiry date then you would have to go through all the process again and submit new application. However, it’s a non-renewal document, still there are some exceptions which you might be eligible to apply for. Fill out our Free Assessment forum and our qualified team of experts from SeaLink will be in touch with you to assist you further. 

Work Permit applications can be a time-consuming process as the processing of the application depends on individual file’s complexity. Processing time for LMIA application must also be included which as well is roughly about 6-month period. The entire process can take couple months before having an approval letter in hand. 

Although, English language becomes very important in the Immigration process as almost all the programs under Canadian Immigration requires an Individual to submit the language proficiency proof, 

there are very few programs which still allows you to come to Canada with English proficiency exam. Fill out our Free Assessment form and our dedicated team can guide you about the program requirement effectively. 

No, as long as your kid is not inadmissible, there is no impact of having or not having kid (under 22 years old) in your Immigration. 

Canada provides special assistance for people who have disabilities and face trouble filling application due to disability. You can apply for Canadian Immigration but there are some exceptions in some circumstances. Contact SeaLink to review the exceptions thoroughly. 

In general, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers at a Canadian Port of Entry issue entry stamps valid for a period of up to six months from the date of entry for visitors. This period may be extended from within Canada.